Le prove ufficiali della fusione fredda. ENEA RT2002/41 (Rapporto 41)

Pubblicato: aprile 21, 2011 in Fusione Fredda

Le conclusioni di Antonella de ninno, Antonio Frattolillo, Antonietta Rizzo, Emilio del Giudice e Giuliano Preparata, commissionati da Carlo Rubbia, all’epoca presidente dell’agenzia italiana per l’energia, l’ENEA( maggiori informazioni si possono trovare nel video postato qui o da wikipedia qui )(Il rapporto completo in pdf lo trovi qui) :

The experiments performed so far suggest the following conclusions:
i) The Preparata effect has been experimentally validated beyond any doubt: in every
experiment we have been able to produce the results illustrated in Fig. 8. These results
provide simultaneously a) evidence that deuterons are in a coherent state (see Appendix A), b)
a very effective method of loading one-dimensional cathodes.
ii) The reported production of excess heat and Helium occur above a critical threshold of D
concentration in Pd. The observed threshold is compatible with the value x = 1 predicted by
the theory (see Appendix A) [3,8].
iii)The presence of 4 He provides evidence that a nuclear process occurred in the cell; a
nuclear reaction has been obtained with purely chemical procedures.
PHe observed in Case 1 is compatible with the values of excess heat reported by Fleischmann
[9] and by Preparata [10], with a highly reliable “isoperibolic” calorimetry.
In the next stage of the experiments we will try to improve the thermal calorimetry with the
help of an IR camera, capable to detect the local temperature of the hot spots of the cathode.
Furthermore we will search for possible new nuclear species produced by the very high
frequency EM field associated to coherent nuclear processes subsequent to the 2D → 4He
transmutation. There is preliminary indication [11] that Ni nuclei may be present in cathodes,
subsequently to cold fusion.

Il rapporto completo lo trovi qui:Rapporto 41

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